4 Steps To Your Dream Home

At Nuvo, we're involved in the complete construction process from conceptualizing, designing and drafting plans to the construction and management of the project.

We set a timeline from day one and progress with efficiency until the day you move in. Our homes are constructed on time, budget and with a high attention to quality and detail.

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At Nuvo, we believe you should be in complete control when it comes to building your new home. This is why our project manager will work very closely with you to make the entire process as seamless and transparent as possible since your first meeting.

For example, finding the right lot is the first step towards your new home. We will start your design while taking into consideration the urban or rural location, dimensions, views, sunlight,  neighboring environment, your lifestyle and of course your budget.


Our design consultant will build off of your concepts and inspiration, improving the design until you get exactly what you're looking for. In few words, we put your vision on papers.

We'll provide you with a clear and detailed project outline, schedule, and budget. Once the budget has been signed off, that's the price we'll stand behind. Our thorough documentation will quickly provide you with peace of mind knowing that all permitting, engineering approvals and project contracts are handled by us.

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We utilize project management best practices to ensure that everything is organized and efficient. This keeps everyone on the same page, preventing unexpected costs and delays.

During this process, we will guide you through every phase with regular on-site meetings and coordination of your finishes and design. Catching small errors before they turn into bigger problems is important. Our on-site managers extensive experience allows them to spot even the smallest deficiencies.


When we're finished the post construction cleaning crews are sent in and we assist you getting your house set up and ready to live in.


We make the transition to living in your new home stress-free : we will guide you a through a series of walk-thru's & checks to ensure your home is 100 % complete.

We stand by what we build. If an issue with your home ever arises that isn't due to the natural wear of the product or materials we'll fix it, no questions asked.

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Where We Build

We serve the Minneapolis region and surrounding areas of Minnesota. We understand location is key when building your new home. We can build within our featured developments or on property you have purchased.

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We’re proud to present an exclusive residential offering at Kingston Grove that combines striking exterior features with superb interior finishings. It’s the ideal family environment, with open spaces, luxurious kitchens, an abundance of windows, and spectacular outdoor living areas.

Connection is the First Step

Great projects requires fearless collaboration, communication and trust. We create exceptional homes and client experiences by listening closely, engaging completely and championing the vision every step of the way.

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Discover How We Ensure You Get The Best Results