The Key to your Dream Home

Nuvo is a full service boutique custom home construction and renovation firm that follows imagination and creativity wherever it leads, driven by a love for the Minnesota's Art of Living, timelessness and luxury.


Based in Saint Paul, we are committed in building handcrafted homes & exclusive communities delivered on time and on budget. We work with our client’s individual lifestyles to create stunning masterpieces of unparalleled quality.

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Nuvo represents the culmination of the combined vision, expertise and passion that founders Goran Vejzovic, Ryan Schroder & Dario Klasic bring to property development.

Experience matters. More than 30 years of creative, technical and management expertise give us the confidence and maturity to turn bold Design + Build projects into achieved dreams.

Our Vision & Values

Nuvo wants to make sure you're satisfied with our routine. That’s why we’ve established a standardized process that reduces unexpected issues.


We ensure the highest quality of workmanship through every stage of the building process - location, financing, design & construction.

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Doing all the har work on on time while reporting across all the operiations

Ensuring High Quality, Beauty & Authenticity in all what we do for our clients

Building at an affordable price & with great financing options 


We are trusted by such major development companies as Thor Construction Inc. We have talented partners - among us VSM Real Estate as brokerage services & Klasic Property Services as construction contractor. Together we can set new, higher standards on the Twin Cities real estate market.

Bell Bank Mortgage & Bridgewater Bank are our financing key partners, and we look together in the same direction. Thanks to their support, we have an opportunity to implement even the most daring real estate  projects.

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Where We Build

We serve the Twin Cities and surrounding areas of Minnesota. We understand location is key when building your new home. We can build within our featured developments or on property you have purchased.

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We’re proud to present an exclusive residential offering at Kingston Grove that combines striking exterior features with superb interior finishings. It’s the ideal family environment, with open spaces, luxurious kitchens, an abundance of windows, and spectacular outdoor living areas.

Connection is the First Step

Great projects requires fearless collaboration, communication and trust. We create exceptional homes and client experiences by listening closely, engaging completely and championing the vision every step of the way.

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Art of Living is our Passion

Home is our Medium